Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Wishlist


With fall already well upon us ( chilly!) I can't help but be excited for the layering of this season, which for me has already begun! Specifically scarves, tights, socks, and sweaters! I wish I could own every possible colour of every possible item BUT for now, what I am lusting after are, for me at least, really representative of the feel of the season. Darker tones and neutrals with a few colour pops! I am really digging rust, brown, navy, and mustard. And most definitely metallic accents! Another aspect I am really into this fall is texture combination. That is why I am super loving this black tunic, with its pocket accents (same colour but different fabric...AMAZING). And this Mustard coloured bag has really caught my eye as a way to tote my camera around. What are your fall favs?

Some of these things are on my Christmas list...yeah. I have one already. I have a confession. I am the Christmas nerd who puts up their tree the day after Halloween and everyone groans about! I JUST LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH! I am restraining myself this's not up yet...buuuut I am already listening to Christmas tunes on the way to work. Just keeps me cheerful people! (pssst...only 48 days! Have you started your Christmas shopping and/or crafting yet?! Yikes!)

Oh by the way....SO GLAD for the extra hour last night! I didn't even remember about it until I woke up this morning feeling way more rested than usual! Did you use your extra hour to get a little more done, or get a little bit more shut eye?

Well, time for a tea, a book, and curling up into bed! Sweet dreams!

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