Friday, November 9, 2012

Diy Friday - Bottlecap Magnets

Ever since by boyfriend and I have lived together, we have moved around a lot between different apartments but never really nested. We have been of the mindset that we don't want to decorate till we own a place of our own...but we have been in one place for a while now and it's lack of personality can really put you in a funk. It doesn't feel like we really live here, and so we finally decided to start making some changes around the place. It's funny how much more productive you can be with a little decoration. It makes it feel like a place you really want to spend time in, as opposed to the place you just go to get some sleep after you work all day.

So here is the first step of hopefully many more to come. Very simple, but definitely is already helping the place look better.

Our fridge has a whole lot more character now, with these magnets dressing it up. Magnets can do wonders for a boring old white appliance! I'm sure there are a lot of varieties of these out there, but we these ones really represent us...or maybe just our taste in beer...haha! We have been trying out all kinds of different beers lately and started to notice some really interesting and pretty cap designs. I really liked them and wanted to showcase them somehow, and this is what came to mind! This is just the beginning! I want to collect a lot more. I mean...8 magnets? Puh-lease...this fridge needs to be COVERED!

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