Sunday, November 18, 2012

Diy Friday - Jewelled Cuff

I know it's not Friday...Haha! But this weekend was busy busy and filled with fun family things. A visit to My boyfriends mom's for her 67th birthday celebration. A trip to Port Perry to check out all the cute little crafty and antiquey (uh yeah...that is totally a word) shops. I loved it! They had super cure retro store fronts, with painted signs. They also had their holiday wreaths up on the street lamps. The trip was cut short because we had to make it back on time to meet up with more of the family for the birthday dinner, but Matt and I will definitely be making a trip back to see more of the place! Maybe snag some special holiday gifts, because everything we saw was so unique!

 I was inspired to do this DIY because of the holiday season! Makes me want to add sparkle to everything! (plus, being short I end up cuffing a lot of my pants. But I love the look! It's not solely out of necessity!) And luckily, this is the time of year you score all of the sparkley supplies you need for this! I got the big sheets of gems from Dollarama! Super score! I think the glue is pretty much available at most crafting stores. I found mine at walmart.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Diy Friday - Bottlecap Magnets

Ever since by boyfriend and I have lived together, we have moved around a lot between different apartments but never really nested. We have been of the mindset that we don't want to decorate till we own a place of our own...but we have been in one place for a while now and it's lack of personality can really put you in a funk. It doesn't feel like we really live here, and so we finally decided to start making some changes around the place. It's funny how much more productive you can be with a little decoration. It makes it feel like a place you really want to spend time in, as opposed to the place you just go to get some sleep after you work all day.

So here is the first step of hopefully many more to come. Very simple, but definitely is already helping the place look better.

Our fridge has a whole lot more character now, with these magnets dressing it up. Magnets can do wonders for a boring old white appliance! I'm sure there are a lot of varieties of these out there, but we these ones really represent us...or maybe just our taste in beer...haha! We have been trying out all kinds of different beers lately and started to notice some really interesting and pretty cap designs. I really liked them and wanted to showcase them somehow, and this is what came to mind! This is just the beginning! I want to collect a lot more. I mean...8 magnets? Puh-lease...this fridge needs to be COVERED!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Snow

Just checking in to let you know...we just had our first snow of the season today! I'm so excited! It inspired me to do a little doodle! I just love this time of year. Can't wait till the snow stays :)

Yup! had a grin on my face all evening becuase of it!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Wishlist


With fall already well upon us ( chilly!) I can't help but be excited for the layering of this season, which for me has already begun! Specifically scarves, tights, socks, and sweaters! I wish I could own every possible colour of every possible item BUT for now, what I am lusting after are, for me at least, really representative of the feel of the season. Darker tones and neutrals with a few colour pops! I am really digging rust, brown, navy, and mustard. And most definitely metallic accents! Another aspect I am really into this fall is texture combination. That is why I am super loving this black tunic, with its pocket accents (same colour but different fabric...AMAZING). And this Mustard coloured bag has really caught my eye as a way to tote my camera around. What are your fall favs?

Some of these things are on my Christmas list...yeah. I have one already. I have a confession. I am the Christmas nerd who puts up their tree the day after Halloween and everyone groans about! I JUST LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH! I am restraining myself this's not up yet...buuuut I am already listening to Christmas tunes on the way to work. Just keeps me cheerful people! (pssst...only 48 days! Have you started your Christmas shopping and/or crafting yet?! Yikes!)

Oh by the way....SO GLAD for the extra hour last night! I didn't even remember about it until I woke up this morning feeling way more rested than usual! Did you use your extra hour to get a little more done, or get a little bit more shut eye?

Well, time for a tea, a book, and curling up into bed! Sweet dreams!